In this tutorial, we will learn how to use INNER JOIN keyword to join one or more tables using SQL.


INNER JOIN Keyword returns the record When there is atleast one match on both the tables.

Syntax - INNER JOIN Keyword
SELECT column1, column2,...columnN
FROM tableName1
INNER JOIN tableName2 ON tableName1.column1 = tableName2.column1;


Let us consider three tables "Employee", "Depratment" and "Designation" for records 

Table Name : Employee

ID EmpName City Country Gender Salary DeptID DesigID
1 Shankar Delhi India male 25000 1 6
2 Sourabh Delhi India male 30000 1 2
3 Ranvijay Mumbai India male 15000 2 3
4 Kapil Noida India male 25000 3 4
5 Shalini Jaipur India female 18000 2 5
6 Rakesh Faridabad India male 23000 1 2
7 Akshay Mumbai India male 21000 2 4
8 Sarah New York US female 76000 3 1
9 Rocky Noida India male 28000 3 6

Table: Department

DeptID DepartmentName
1 IT
2 Finance
3 HR

Table: Designation

DesigID DesignationName
1 GM
2 Manager
4 Developer
5 Team Leader
6 Executive

Example of INNER JOIN

For selecting an employee name, department name and designation name, a query will be:

SELECT EMP.EmpName,Dept.DepartmentName,Desg.DesignationName 
FROM Employee EMP 
INNER JOIN Department Dept ON EMP.DeptId=Dept.DeptID 
INNER JOIN Designation Desg ON EMP.DesignationId=Desg.DesigID
EmpName DeptartmentName DesignationName
Shankar IT Executive
Sourabh IT CEO
Ranvijay Finance Manager
Kapil HR Developer
Shalini Finance Team Leader
Rakesh IT Manager
Akshay Finance Developer
Sarah HR GM
Rocky HR Executive