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About Word Counter Tool

Word Counter Tool: 100% Free, Quick, & with No Limits!

The Word counter tool is a 100% free online word count calculator that is used for counting words, characters with or without space, sentences, paragraphs. The best part of this tool is that the number of words and characters you can count with this tool is unlimited!

Word count is an important metric for writing, especially when you are writing for publishing, advertising, academia, and legal proceedings. By using this online word counter tool, you will be able to determine how many words, character, sentences or paragraphs there are in your text. You can then check to see if there are enough number of words or it has exceeded a certain limit.

This free online word counter can also help to check how many characters your text contains, especially when your writing text is meant for use on social media such as Facebook, twitter, reddit, YouTube, Google Ads, app, and website headlines or Google meta description.

What are the character limits by platform?

Facebook Post 63,206 Characters
Facebook Text & Video Ad Text90 Characters
Facebook Text & Video Ad Headline25 Characters
Facebook Text & Video Ad Link Description30 Characters
Facebook Image Ad Text90 Characters
Facebook Image Ad Headline40 Characters
Facebook Image Ad Link Description20 Characters
Facebook Canvas Ad Body Text500 Characters
Facebook Canvas Button Text 30 Characters
Facebook Context Card Headline45 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Benefits Text 25 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Button Text25 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Custom Question Text50 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Privacy Policy Link 100 Characters
Facebook Lead Gen Disclaimer Title60 Characters
Facebook Collection Ad Headline25 Characters
Facebook Ad Image 20% Text
Tweet 280 Characters
Twitter DM10,000 Characters
Twitter Handle15 Characters
Twitter Profile Name20 Characters
Instagram Caption 2,200 Characters
Instagram Bio150 Characters
Instagram Username30 Characters
Instagram Hashtags30 Hashtags
Linkedin Company Update 700 Characters
Linkedin Company Name100 Characters
Linkedin About Us/Summary2,000 Characters
Linkedin Page Name50 Characters
Linkedin Company Leaders Headline150 Characters
Linkedin Employee Testimonial 400 Characters
Linkedin Custom Module Title150 Characters
Linkedin Custom Module Body500 Characters
Linkedin Custom Module URL 70 Characters
Linkedin First Name20 Characters
Linkedin Last Name40 Characters
Linkedin Recommendation 3,000 Characters
Linkedin Publishing Post Headline 150 Characters
Linkedin Publishing Content120,000 Characters
Pinterest Profile Name 20 Characters
Pinterest Bio160 Characters
Pinterest Username15 Characters
Pinterest Board Name100 Characters
Pinterest Board Description 500 Characters
Pin Description 500 Characters
Maximum Number of Pinterest Boards500 Boards
Maximum Number of Pins200,000 Pins
YouTube Video Title 70 Characters
YouTube Video Description 5000 Characters
YouTube Playlist Title60 Characters
YouTube Tags30 Characters Per Tag and 500 Characters total

Disclaimer: We strive to make our tools as accurate as possible but we cannot guarantee it will always be so.

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