How to Get Query String Parameters as an Object in Javascript

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In this article, you’ll learn how to get query string parameters as an object in Javascript. In JavaScript, there is no direct way to convert a query string into an object. However, you can use the URLSearchParams interface to parse a query string and then iterate over all keys to create an object.

Here is a function that takes query string as a parameter and returns an object of all query string parameters:

const parseParams = (querystring) => {
    // parse query string
    const params = new URLSearchParams(querystring);

    const obj = {};

    // iterate over all keys
    for (const key of params.keys()) {
        if (params.getAll(key).length > 1) {
            obj[key] = params.getAll(key);
        } else {
            obj[key] = params.get(key);

    return obj;

You can use the above function in browsers as given below:


Alternatively, you can also create a new URL object to retrieve the query string, and pass it to the parseParams() function, as given below example:

// create new URL object
const url = new URL('http://example.com?size=M&size=XL&price=900&sort=desc');

// parse query parameters to object
[object Object] {
  price: "900",
  size: ["M", "XL"],
  sort: "desc"

I hope this article will help you to understand how to get query string parameters as an object in Javascript.

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