Java Program to Add Two Integers

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In this Java program, you will learn how to add two integers or numbers in java. After performing the addition, the final sum is displayed on the display.

Java Program to Add Two Integers

Java Program to Add Two Integers
//Java Program to Add Two Integers

public class JavaPrograms {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
	    int first = 111;
	    int second = 222;
	    System.out.println("Add Number: " + first + " and " + second);

	    // addition of two numbers
	    int sum = first + second;
	    System.out.println("The sum is: " + sum);

Add Number: 111 and 222

The sum is: 333

Understand the Program

In this program, two integers 111 and 222 are stored in integer variables first and second respectively.

Then, the first and second are added using the + operator, and its output is stored in another variable named sum.

Finally, the sum is printed on the display using println() function.

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